About Us

2013 Fox Farm Team, Peter, Lizzy, Tim, Anna, Christie and Shane (1)

The Fox family has been farming our seventeen acres on the Big Island since 2001. Our dream is to make a living growing healthy food for our family and our community. We raise several hundred Cornish Cross broilers every year in portable shelters that roam across our pastures and orchard. Along with our sheep and cows, every animal on Fox Forest Farm gets fresh pasture every single day. Our healthy chickens naturally fertilize our healthy soil, which grows healthy grass for healthy cows and sheep — which help feed healthy friends, family, and customers!

Our farm is located along the Hamakua Coast, between two streams overlooking the Pacific. We’re about halfway between Hilo and Waimea, and our customers come from all over the island. We can’t wait for you to visit to try our incredible pastured poultry.

Aloha from Shane, Christie, Anna and the Fox Forest Farm Team!